Dental Hygiene Associate Degree Program

Dental Hygiene program outcomes

Upon successful completion of all Dental Hygiene program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Value the importance of patient-centered care and concepts of health promotion.
  2. Assess the need for, expose, develop, evaluate and interpret dental radiographs to support the clinical examination; while employing radiation safety principles and procedures requiring exposure to ionizing radiation.
  3. Assess, plan, implement, evaluate and document dental hygiene process of care for the prevention and/or treatment of oral diseases.
  4. Apply principles of nutritional and/or tobacco cessation counseling to the management of oral health.
  5. Apply standard precautions for the prevention of disease transmission.
  6. Follow all state and federal regulatory requirements when rendering patient care.
  7. Demonstrate professional communication skills in all aspects of patient care; while applying principles of professional and ethical behavior when providing patient care.
  8. Demonstrate concern and understanding of a variety of patient needs based on overall health, oral health, cultural, social, and economic circumstances; while applying principles of evidence-based decision making.
  9. Recommend referral for additional assessment and/or treatment.
  10. Self-assess ability to perform dental hygiene services at a high standard of care.