Dental Hygiene Functional Abilities

Requirements for Goodwin’s Dental Hygiene degree

The Goodwin University Dental Hygiene program is a rigorous and intensive program that is both physically and mentally demanding. Students must be able to perform all functions and tasks required of a dental hygienist. As part of the curriculum, the student would be asked to fully participate in all clinic/rotation/community enrichment activities. These activities require the student to be prepared physically and mentally to avoid risks to the safety of a patient or the student. Successful completion of the Dental Hygiene program will depend upon the ability to meet the following technical standards:

  1. MOTOR FUNCTION - student should be able to:
    1. Manipulate dental equipment and instruments with both hands.
    2. Assist patients, classmates, and faculty in medical emergencies.
    3. Demonstrate adequate motor skills to accomplish effective instrumentation.
  2. VISUAL OBSERVATION - student should be able to:
    1. Determine anatomy and pathology, through dental radiographic (x-ray) images characteristics.
    2. Read material pertinent to the care and safety of the patient, classmates and faculty.
    3. Demonstrate adequate depth perception to accomplish effective instrumentation.
  3. AUDITORY (HEARING) OBSERVATION - student should be able to:
    1. Hear alarms, telephones, as well as, patient, classmates, and faculty voice ranges.
    2. Hear stethoscope sounds when performing blood pressure examination and sounds from dental equipment.
  4. COMMUNICATION SKILLS - student should be able to:
    1. Have sufficient command of the English language to ensure proper verbal and written communication with patients, classmates, and faculty.
  5. CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS - student should be able to:
    1. Comprehend and assimilate the knowledge acquired from didactic courses into the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of dental hygiene treatment to patients.