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Dental Hygiene Clinic

Our Mission: Your Health, Your Smile

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Did you know that your oral health is an effective, accurate indicator of your overall health? Or that dental problems can seriously impact other areas of your body? Understanding the important connection between good oral care and your general well-being can set the stage for years of a significantly healthier life.

Goodwin College strongly believes in serving our neighbors and friends in the Greater Hartford area. And we believe that everyone has the right to accessible dental care. To address an ever-increasing need in our local community, Goodwin’s new Dental Hygiene Clinic is committed to providing a variety of free dental hygiene services to both children and adults. We also work with community partners providing outreach services such as oral health screenings, dental hygiene education, nutritional and smoking cessation awareness. Our students provide these services in sites such as community health centers, preschools, senior centers and behavior health and addiction facilities.

Services are provided by Goodwin dental hygiene students under the direct supervision of experienced and licensed dental hygiene faculty and dentists. The average appointment time is approximately three hours and more than one appointment may be necessary to complete certain procedures.

Good dental care means more than just brushing your teeth. Services provided to our dental hygiene patients include:

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All services are free of charge.

Day, evening, and Saturday hours.

Your health and your family’s are important to us. Let us help put you on the road to a happier and healthier life. The Goodwin College Dental Hygiene Clinic is located at 403 Main Street, East Hartford, Connecticut.