Direct Patient Care Positions and Careers?

What is direct patient care?

Direct patient care refers to healthcare professionals who provide hands-on care to their patients.

Tasks of direct patient care include taking vital signs, drawing blood, transferring patients, bathing patients, and more.

Direct patient care is an essential component of the medical industry.

Which positions entail direct patient care?

Direct patient care positions are indispensable; they provide exceptional comfort and care to patients and act as a liaison between patient and doctor.

Some examples of direct patient care careers include nurses and nursing assistants, dental assistants and hygienists, medical assistants, and more.

Direct patient care professionals can work in a variety of settings from hospitals to private practices.

How can I begin a direct patient care career?

In order to begin a career in direct patient care, you must first identify your preferred position. Whether you want to become a dental hygienist or a licensed practical nurse, you must complete their respective programs and gain licensure to practice.

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