6-Week Medical Assistant Program

What is a 6‑week medical assistant program?

A 6-week medical assistant program is a comprehensive course that prepares you for administrative and basic clinical procedures. A 6-week program is the quickest route to becoming a medical assistant; however, most programs are 3 months or longer. Your desired pay grade, specialization, and career trajectory can help you determine which program you’ll benefit most from.

What are the benefits of a 6‑week medical assistant program?

The short turnaround of a 6-week program can help those who want to start their medical career but cannot readily dedicate time to a four-year program. After completing the 6 weeks, students can explore multiple entry-level positions with various medical facilities.

A medical assistant plays a vital role in the medical field. At Goodwin, rather than a 6‑week medical assistant program, we offer our certificate program and associate degree in Medical Assisting. Earning your certificate with Goodwin University can be completed in as few as 12 months. As you focus on coursework in medical insurance and coding, patient care, and pharmacology, each semester will provide you with in-depth experience and education. You’ll complete the program ready to work in specialized healthcare practices and facilities. Start at your convenience with our flexible enrollment.

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