What Does a Medical Assistant Do?

A medical assistant, also known as a “clinical assistant,” provides support services in healthcare settings. Medical assistants work under direct supervision of a physician or healthcare provider.

What are the daily duties of medical assistants?

Medical assistants perform routine clinical and administrative tasks and procedures in a medical clinic. This can include greeting patients, answering phones, updating medical records, filling out insurance forms, scheduling appointments, and handling bookkeeping. Depending on the state, medical assistants may also record medical histories, take vitals, explain procedures to patients, collect testing supplies, or change dressings.

Where do medical assistants work?

Medical assistants can work in a wide variety of locations. They can work in ambulatory care centers, private and public hospitals, assisted living locations, urgent care facilities, inpatient and outpatient units, as well as specialty practices, administrative, and clinical settings.

How do you become a medical assistant?

Formal education for medical assistants can be found in vocational/ technical schools, colleges, and online programs. Clinical internships are generally required prior to graduation and certifications or associate degrees are typically earned, with a timeline to completion ranging from one to two years.

Goodwin offers Medical Assisting programs at certificate and associate degree levels.

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