Transfer Students

Internal Goodwin Credit-by-Exam Opportunities

  • Only currently enrolled students may take any of the exams listed below. Credit will NOT be awarded, even for a passing score, unless you are currently enrolled at the time the exam is taken. If you have any questions please contact the Registrar at .
  • The cost for each exam is $100 unless it includes a lab practical then the cost is $150.
    • You must present a receipt from Accounting to the test proctor before you may take the exam.
  • The table below shows the name of each test, the Goodwin University course equivalent, the minimum score required to be awarded credit, the number of credits earned for a passing score, and who to contact in order to arrange the test.
Goodwin Exam Title Goodwin Equivalent Minimum Score Req. # of Credits Who to Contact
Mathematical Applications for the Health Sciences MATH 125 73% 3 Natalie Czesak
Viewing Life Mathematics MATH 135 73% 3 Natalie Czesak
Principles in Manufacturing Mathematics BMM 140 73% 3

Kira Svirskiy