Transfer Students

Frequently Asked Questions

It is in your best interest to get all official transcripts to Goodwin as soon as possible. Delaying having your transcripts sent can result in registration issues. You can either bring one in (make sure it is in a sealed envelope) or have the other institution mail it directly to us at:

Goodwin University
c/o Transfer Counselor
One Riverside Drive, East Hartford, CT 06118

Visit the ‘Transfer Equivalencies’ webpage to view Goodwin’s current listing of course equivalencies. If your previous institution(s) or course(s) are not listed in the equivalency database, your coursework will be assessed once you submit an official transcript(s). Contact an Admissions representative to get the process started. When you are ready to select classes an Academic Advisor will do a preliminary review of your transcripts to see what should transfer into Goodwin. The review will be preliminary only and is not a guarantee of credit. Only after the official transcripts are received and evaluated by the Transfer Counselor is credit officially transferred in. Generally speaking, courses taken at an accredited, degree granting, collegiate institution, with a grade of 'C' or better, and that apply to the Goodwin University Curriculum will transfer in.

Complete official transcripts of all work taken at other institutions must be submitted whether or not credit for such work is desired or expected. Students who fail to acknowledge attendance at any college or university in which they have been enrolled automatically waive the right to have that work considered for transfer credit.

Once your evaluation is done you will receive an email to your Goodwin University email stating your evaluation is done. Once you receive this email you will be able to access an updated plan of study with the transfer credits included. In addition, you will also be able to see the transfer credits that were accepted and applied to your program by logging into Sonisweb.

Once your evaluation is done you will receive a letter in the mail explaining the process as well as an updated plan of study. The plan of study will have a 'TR' marked for each course that you have transfer credit for. Also your Academic Advisor and Program Director have copies of your plan of study and can review it with you at any time.

Grades from other institutions do not transfer. The grade point average for transfer students is computed only on the course work taken at Goodwin. All transfer courses will have a TR instead of a grade on the transcript.

Goodwin University offers a few credit by exam opportunities internally and also accepts credit from CLEP, AP, Dantes DSST, and Excelsior exams. Go to the Credit by Exam page for more information.

The transfer evaluation is a list of all courses and what their equivalent is at Goodwin. Only those courses that apply to your program will actually appear on your transcript. If you change majors at any time then whatever additional transfer courses that you need that have been accepted will be added to your transcript.

Any course with a course code of ‘188’, ‘288’, ‘388’, or ‘488’ transferred as an elective. What this means is that Goodwin does not offer an identical course but the subject material covered is similar in content to subject areas at Goodwin. These courses can be used either to fill open electives or may be possible substitutions.

Substitutions are only granted by Program Directors or Department Chairs. They are only given in special circumstances. Please speak to your Academic Advisor or Transfer Counselor with questions about substitutions.

If you are concerned about how a course transferred in or wonder why a course didn't transfer in at all please contact the Academic Advisor.