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Credit By Exam

MATH 125 Credit by Exam (CBE) Information

In order to successfully test out of the MATH 125 course, students need to be able to solve drug dosage problems using both proportions and dimensional analysis.

The registration process to take the MATH 125 Credit by Exam (CBE) is quick and easy. In order to register for the MATH 125 CBE you must follow the steps below:

1. Complete the online registration form.

2. Schedule an exam date

3. Pay the $100 Credit by Exam fee.

On the day you have scheduled to take your CBE, you need too:

In order to receive three credits for MATH 125 you must pass the CBE with a 73% or higher. If you receive a grade of 72% or lower, you must register and successfully complete a MATH 1XX course. Please allow 10 business days for the exam to be processed. Notification of the results of the CAP110 CBE will be sent via e-mail.

Please Note: