Transfer Students

Portfolio Assessment

Goodwin College appreciates that many times the college-level learning we have gained in our life did not always come out of the classroom. When credit-by-exam is not an option then portfolio assessment may be the right option for you.

The College is a member of The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) and all portfolios are developed and evaluated by Goodwin faculty according to CAEL standards.

What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is either a paper or electronic book that describes and documents your learning for the purpose of fulfilling a course requirement. In other words it provides evidence of what you know and can do to demonstrate that you do not need to take the course at Goodwin because you already have the competencies that the course would give you. A typical portfolio contains: an introduction, resume, credit request summary, and learning descriptions, letters on your behalf, and work examples.

Is portfolio assessment right for me?

Determine if your life experiences equate to college-level learning by asking yourself:

  • Are my knowledge and skills related to a subject taught at Goodwin College?
  • Can I apply my learning to situations other than the one in which it was learned?
  • Can my learning be verified by a qualified person (e.g., would an expert in the field write me a letter)?
  • Do I have examples or documentation that I could include in a portfolio to help the faculty reviewers assess the breadth and depth of my knowledge and skills?

In addition:

  • Do you have at least 5 years work/volunteer experience?
  • Did you complete CAP 100 & English 101 successfully?
  • Have you discussed portfolio with you Academic Advisor or Program Director/Department Chair to ensure this option works with your degree plan?

How do I get started?

If you answered yes to the questions above, your next step is to discuss how portfolio credit would fit into your degree program with your advisor or Program Director. If you both agree that that portfolio assessment is the best option for you, schedule a final meeting with Amy Beauchemin (860-913-2127) to obtain permission to enroll in the course Portfolio Review for Experiential Learning and Credit. During this 1-credit course you will create your portfolio(s) for eventual submission to a faculty assessment committee.

How long does it take?

Portfolio assessment is not a fast process, though it can be a quick way to gain credit in comparison to earning the same amount of credits sitting in a classroom. In order to pass the mandatory IS 110 course you will need to have completed the entire portfolio you want to submit by the end of the 15-week semester. Sometimes the process can take more than one semester if you are creating multiple portfolios so under specific instructor approved circumstances you may be given one extra semester (15-weeks) to complete your portfolio. Only one portfolio can be submitted by a student during their time at Goodwin.

How much does it cost?

Standard tuition costs apply for the 1-credit course in addition to a $300 development fee, which can be included in financial aid coverage. Most students at Goodwin will not see any change to their tuition by enrolling in this course (with the exception of the development fee).

There is also an assessment fee (which must be paid out of pocket) based on the number of credits you are attempting to earn. This fee is not tied to the number of credits you are awarded but instead on the number of credits you are requesting to get EC credit for. The assessment fee must be paid before the portfolio is submitted for faculty review:

6 credits or less = $50 assessment fee
7-12 credits = $100 assessment fee
13+ credits = $100 per credit (e.g., a total of 13 credits = $200)

Note: The College keeps the portfolio indefinitely and award of credit is not guaranteed. If you are successful, the credits are designed as EC on your transcript. Please be aware that portfolio credit may not be transferable to another institution.