Marketing and Communications — Submit a Project Request

We look forward to collaborating with you by providing communications support and marketing collateral as you continue the incredible work of keeping Goodwin students active and engaged in their higher education. We encourage you to submit your project requests through Goodwin’s Marketing and Communications Request Form.

When considering a project request submission, please keep in mind that the department’s primary focus is on student enrollment. While we aim to support all requests and projects that fall within our scope of work, lead times may be expanded and requests may be delayed or denied during periods of heightened enrollment and/or project volume.

Submit Project Request

To facilitate your project request, we’ve compiled a list of helpful resources you can use when submitting news, achievements, communications requests, social media requests, and event needs to our team. Using these resources and templates will help us more effectively support your projects by making sure we have all necessary information from the outset.

Linked below are free online resources meant to provide you with the tools needed to complete your project sooner and without a request submission:

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