Request to Repeat a Course for the Third Time

By completing this form you are requesting to take a class for the third time. You must pass this class. You will not be permitted to take this course for a fourth time no matter what circumstances arise and may not be eligible to continue enrollment in your current program at Goodwin University.

Each student will need to complete the Loan Guidance Module in Financial Avenue prior to being approved for a 3-peat course. To begin, start by setting up your personal account at www.FinancialAvenue.org. Please use your @student.goodwin.edu email and student ID. Your Goodwin access code is: 3peat (case sensitive). For additional instructions on Financial Avenue you can visit the Financial Literacy page or contact Melissa Heath, Repayment Solutions Counselor at MHeath@goodwin.edu or 860-913-2147.

By completing this form you certify that you have been advised (and encouraged) to:

  • Request extra help from the instructor during his or her office hours.
  • Make every effort to attend every class, arrive on time, stay for the entire class, participate fully in class, and turn all my assignments in on time.
  • Visit the Academic Success Center as often as necessary to seek help from a student tutor or contact the e-tutoring service.