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Contact Us Today! 800.889.3282

Student Orientation and Resources

Student Services

The Student Services Department provides students with services, resources, and programs that help them get the most out of their Goodwin College experience outside of the classroom. Through 6 different offices, we are able to meet the basic needs for college life and create an impactful campus environment. We offer many opportunities for getting involved, new experiences, and developing leadership skills and diversity competence that serve to enrich students’ personal, social and intellectual development.

We help to ensure that all services and programs are responsive to students’ needs and aligned with a strategic plan as well as the core values of Goodwin College.

We encourage you to take advantage of the many services, resources and programs we offer.

Academic Success Center (ASC)

The Academic Success Center seeks to promote and foster student learning and development by providing free tutoring to all students. All tutors – professional and peer – are qualified to work individually or in groups on particular assignments. The ASC is here to support and encourage students’ academic success.

AccessAbility Services

The office of AccessAbility Services is committed to ensuring that all students have equal opportunity to pursue a college education by providing the support needed and complies with the mandates created by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Opportunities are presented through the removal of obstacles in education in order to promote maximum academic potential, participation in the college experience and self-sufficiency.

Career Services

The Office of Career Services is here to help students achieve professional success and prepare them for their desired career, whether it be helping them explore their interests, skills or values, edit a resume or cover letter, build their network, prepare them for interviews or job search. It is never too early to meet with a member of the Career Services team. Get a head start by scheduling a meeting today!

Counseling Services

Our therapist is here to provide free counseling to students and help them to feel better about obstacles they are facing, make healthy decisions, set healthy boundaries and move from a place of poor emotional health to good emotional health.

Student Engagement

The Office of Student Engagement strives to create a campus that is exciting, conducive to learning and fosters leadership. A mix of programs, clubs and organizations, activities and events are available for all students to take advantage of. Get involved!