Contact Us Today! 800.889.3282

Contact Us Today! 800.889.3282

Student Orientation and Resources

Campus Safety

Your safety is our top priority!

The Department of Campus Security is here to keep you safe by responding to emergency situations on campus. The department operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and officers patrol campus on a regular basis. If you see something, say something by contacting campus security or the police.

Student ID Badge

Remember to wear your Goodwin College student ID badge in a visible spot. The ID badge plays an important part in maintaining a secure environment.

Security Services

  • Monitors persons entering and exiting all of the facilities
  • Provides a uniformed security presence at entrances to buildings and parking lots
  • Responds to calls for assistance from faculty, staff or students
  • Assists faculty, staff and students as needed
  • Provides transportation from one building to another when possible

Need Help?

  • In the event of an emergency, always dial 9-1-1
  • For non-emergency calls to the East Hartford Police Department, dial 860-528-4401
  • The numbers for Goodwin College Campus Safety are:
    Campus phone x555
    Non-campus phone: (860) 913-2100
    Note: Please save these numbers in your cell phone

Title IX

Goodwin College prohibits gender-based and sexual misconduct in all of its forms.

To file a complaint of a Title IX violation, please contact Megan Monahan, Director of Compliance and Title IX Coordinator at or 860-727-6741.

Prohibited Conduct

Gender-based and sexual misconduct can take many forms but some examples of prohibited conduct are:

  • Sexual violence and sexual assault
  • Unwelcome physical contact such as touching
  • Persistent, unwelcome request for sexual contact
  • Unwelcome sexual remarks about a person’s clothing, body, sexuality or sexual orientation
  • Violence between those in an intimate relationship with each other
  • Stalking
  • Retaliation for making a complaint of sexual misconduct

Victims or Violators of Misconduct

If you have been a victim of gender-based or sexual misconduct, you have the right to file a complaint with the Title IX Coordinator and to have that complaint investigated and resolved as appropriate.

If found responsible of a violation of the policy, disciplinary action may be taken and may range from a verbal warning to expulsion from Goodwin College.

You have the right to support from the college if you have been the victim of gender-based or sexual misconduct or have been accused of violating the gender-based and sexual misconduct policy.

This includes:

  • Changes in course schedule or work assignment
  • Reasonable accommodations from instructors in completing coursework
  • A campus no contact directive against another student who has engaged in or threatens to engage in stalking, threatening, harassing or other improper behavior that presents a danger to the welfare of the complaining student or others
  • Confidential access to counseling at Goodwin College
  • Information about community-based support services and resources outside of the college that may be of assistance to you
  • Assistance from the college in contacting the local police as well as the right to not involve law enforcement authorities

Please carefully read Goodwin College’s full gender-based and sexual misconduct policy in the student handbook.