Satisfactory Academic Progress Overview

Satisfactory Academic Progress refers to the minimum academic standards all students enrolled at Goodwin must achieve in order to earn a degree at Goodwin University and maintain their financial aid eligibility.

SAP benchmarks

SAP benchmarks (listed below) are determined based on the program and number of credits attempted and earned.

  • Cumulative grade point average (CGPA) - finish with a minimum of 2.0
  • Pace – determined by number of credits received by the number of credits attempted – finish with minimum of 66.7%
  • Maximum time frame (MTF) - 150% times the normal time frame to complete a degree

The complete SAP benchmarks and more detailed information on SAP can be found on the SAP webpage.

How to avoid SAP

  1. Stay above a 2.0 CGPA and commit to passing each course.
  2. Always register for a manageable class schedule and avoid getting an F, W, UG or repeating a course.
  3. Plan to use the resources (listed below) provided by the Student Affairs Department:
    • Academic Success Center
    • Academic Success Workshops
    • Accessibility Coordinator
    • eTutoring

For questions regarding SAP, please contact:

Ivy Kimble
  • Phone 860-727-6709
  • Email
  • Office Room 143 (Registrar Office)