RN-to-BSN Study Abroad Opportunities

Mission Abroad

Linda Cyrulik

Linda Cyrulik RN, in late February 2013 traveled to the city of Tehuantepec which is in the eastern part of the state of Oaxaxa, Mexico for a medical mission. This mission would provide health screenings to children who have no access to healthcare. Sponsors of the trip were her church and Covenant World Missions who are based in Chicago, IL. The health screenings done on these children are the only health care they receive. If any concerns arise arrangements are made to send the children to the hospital in major cities where local physicians will see to their free care. There is no government health care available for the people only those working in inner cities tend to have the option to access healthcare. She is planning on making this trip an annual event.

Tembra Gregus

Tembra Gregus traveled to Ecuador with Hartford Hospital. A majority of the surgeries were cleft lip and palates. This trip was sponsored by the Rotarians, who are the wealthy class of Ecuador.

Siobhan Jager

RN-to-BSN students are encouraged to take part in medical missions abroad as part of their course of study. Recently, RN-to-BSN student Siobhan Jager traveled to the Dominican Republic, where she helped prepare patients for surgery and provided other much needed medical support in rural villages near the Haiti border. Siobhan and a team of volunteers from The Saint Francis Medical Mission provided life-saving services to some of the most under-served residents in communities where access to health care is unreliable. Siobhan created this presentation about her mission to present to her fellow RN-to-BSN students.

Bruce Hoffman

Bruce Hoffman RN, a registered nurse and licensed paramedic, elected to take a course abroad to help this devastated country, so in need of quality health care. From October 5 to 13, he immersed himself in an unfamiliar culture in hopes of learning, growing, and sharing his knowledge with others.

Melissa Stauffer

Melissa Stauffer RN, a student in Goodwin's RN-to-BSN program traveled abroad to Honduras with The Medical Ministry International (MMI) group. This group consisted of Melissa and 29 others from different walks of The Health Profession. MMI is in the process of affiliating with St. Francis Hospital in establishing medical missions. This was strictly a medical mission and they would go from village to village giving medical, dental and eye exams to the residents of the village. All these exams for the villagers cost a $1.00. No surgeries were conducted. For many of the villagers these exams may have been the first one they had in their life. In Melissa's own words "The people are wonderful and loving. It helped me to keep wanting to give more."