RN-to-BSN Degree Program

RN-to-BSN Degree Curriculum

In addition to the major core requirements for the BSN degree, all students enrolled in bachelor's degree programs must complete a minimum of 46 credits in general education (40 credits in the general education college core and 6 credits in programmatic general education courses).

ADN or Diploma Pre-Licensure Program - 62 credits

AP 1 (SCI), AP II, MICRO, ENG 101 and 1XX (WR), PSY 112 (SS) and 212 (SS) SOC 101, and Lower Division Nursing Courses

Students may receive 62 credits for previous nursing course work via the Connecticut Articulation Model.

General Education Courses - 27 credits

ENG 3XX Advanced Writing Competency (AW) 3
COM 1XX Communications Competency (COM) 3
CAP 110 Computer Applications (CL) 3
MATH 1XX Math Competency (MATH) 3
STAT 167 Principles of Statistics OR  
PBH 199 Mathematics for the Health Professions 3
PBH 305 Ethics in Public Health 3
  Cultural Competency (CU) 3
  Global Studies Competency (G/US) 3
  Global Studies Competency (G/W) 3

Open Electives - 7 credits

1XX Open Elective 4
1XX Open Elective 3

Upper Division Nursing Courses - 24 credits

NUR 300 Foundations of Professional Nursing 3
NUR 310 Health Assessment 3
NUR 351 Introduction to Nursing Research (RE) 3
NUR 361 Public & Community Health Nursing (MC) 3
NUR 363 Clinical Nursing Leadership 3
NUR 459 Introduction to Healthcare Policy and Advocacy 3
NUR 460 Seminar in Professional Nursing Leadership 3
NUR 3XX* Directed Elective OR
NUR 4XX* Directed Elective 3

Graduation Requirements - 0 credits

ASD 110 Library Research 0

Total Credits: 


* Directed elective courses may be taken in business, health science, human services, and organizational leadership at the appropriate levels.

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*Students may receive 62 credits for previous nursing course work via the Connecticut Articulation Model.

Only students that have passed the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX) and are licensed as an RN, may continue to complete their bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Coursework depends on individuals’ previous academic experience and transfer credits. The Nursing Department’s Academic Advisor will assist in outlining a student’s completion program.