Meet the Public Health Program Director

program director of public health

Ashika Brinkley began her path toward higher education while earning her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Morgan State University. Ashika later attended Yale University for her Master of Public Health degree and went on to obtain her Ph.D. in Public Health from the University of Connecticut. She has taught undergraduate and graduate levels and has experience working in public and private sectors of the public health field before starting at Goodwin University in 2005.

Ashika specializes in Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Occupational Health and seeks to improve equity and health outcomes for historically underrepresented groups. Her master's thesis explored barriers to screening mammography in African-American women, and during her doctoral research studied the health behaviors of community health workers.

Ashika enjoys volunteering her time with organizations that promote equality for women and girls. As the Program Director of Goodwin University's largest program, she is responsible for over 2,000 students, developing curriculum, supervising faculty, and creating community connections.

Ashika's teaching philosophy is "practice makes perfect," and she hopes that prospective students take their specialized skill sets, study under the guidance of Goodwin University, and practice as productive contributors in the public health field.

A message from Dr. Brinkley

If you're thinking about a career committed to others and communities' well-being, there's a place for you in public health. With a variety of public health positions, you can truly tailor your profession to match your personality, interests, and preferred mode of work.

If you're interested in public health, you've come to the right place; job opportunities are plentiful, and Goodwin University would be an excellent place for you to explore your educational endeavors.

I hope to educate and connect with you in the classroom to ensure you find career success working in communities and promoting positive change in the world.

Best regards,
Ashika Brinkley, Ph.D.
Program Director of Health Sciences and Public Health; Associate Professor of Public Health