Master’s Degree in Public Health Courses

Our fully online master’s program consists of 42 semester credit hours: 33 core credits and 9 concentration credits and can be completed in as few as 15 months by taking courses in an accelerated 7-week format. Please note: Internship or applied practical experience may be in person or virtual.

MPH curriculum

Core requirements

MPH 501 Introduction to Public Health 3
MPH 502 Principles of Epidemiology 3
MPH 503 Biostatistics 3
MPH 504 Public Health Policy 3
MPH 505 Research Methods 3
MPH 506 Social and Behavioral Aspects of Health 3
MPH 507 Introduction to Environmental Health 3
MPH 508 Global Public Health 3
MPH 510 Emergency Management Health Issues 3
MPH 512 Infectious Diseases 3
MPH 560 Applied Practical Learning 3

Choose one concentration:

Global Health concentration

MPH 520 Global Health Issues 3
MPH 521 Program Planning for Global Health 3
MPH 522 Essentials of Economics and Finance for Global Health 3

Community Health concentration

MPH 530 Community Health Sciences 3
MPH 531 Program Planning, Research and Evaluation for Community Health 3
MPH 532 Urban Health and Social Policy 3

Health Policy and Management concentration

MPH 540 Health Economics and U.S. Policy 3
MPH 541 Public Health Law 3
MPH 542 Public Health Policy as a Prevention Strategy 3

Total credits: 


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Course sections noted with an ‘H’ are delivered in a hybrid format (a combination of on-campus and online learning).
Course sections noted with an ‘O’ are delivered in an online format.

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