Certificate in Mechatronics

connecticut manufacturing logistics program

In our two semester, full-time, 36-credit Mechatronics certificate program, students will combine mechanical, electrical, computer, and software skills to prepare for positions operating and maintaining the electromechanical, computer-controlled systems commonly found in automated manufacturing environments.


Mod 1

BMM 140 Principles in Manufacturing Mathematics 3
BMM 181 Introduction to Mechatronics 3
BMM 183 Basic Electrical 3

Mod 2

BMM 185 Hydraulics and Pneumatics 3
BMM 187 Mechanical Drives and Kinematics 3
BMM 190 Computer-Aided Design (CAD) 3

Mod 3

BMM 189 Electrical Schematics 3
BMM 281 Motor Control 3
BMM 287 Industrial Robotics 3

Mod 4

BMM 283 Programmable Controllers 3
BMM 285 Industrial Electrical Maintenance 3
BMM 289 Machining and Pipe Fabrication 3

Total credits: 


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