Manufacturing and Logistics

connecticut manufacturing logistics program

Milestone to an associate degree

In this 18‑credit program, you will explore the exciting fields of modern manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution, and be introduced to the concepts of logistics and supply chain and their relationship to local and global economies.

You will learn the basic principles and practices of a safe and productive manufacturing environment, as well as the principles of planning, production, and product distribution. Elements to be covered include understanding the product life cycle from conception through distribution. Other topics include inventory control, protective packaging, and customer service. Students will learn various aspects of warehouse operations management, including bar coding, radio frequency identification (RFID), Kanban, just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing, inventory replenishments, and use of third-party logistics.

Learn the effective process planning that goes into product distribution and transportation, as well as management techniques including analysis of warehouse locations, operations, and management. Classroom instruction combines hands-on use and operation of logistic equipment — knowledge that is essential to success in the logistics field.

This is not a direct enroll certificate program.


First semester

BMM 100 Introduction to Manufacturing 3
BMM 126 Introduction to Materials and Logistics Management 3

Second semester

BMM 125 Manufacturing Logistics 3
BMM 221 Warehouse and Distribution Center Management 3

Third semester

BMM 225 Transportation Traffic and Contract Management 3
BMM 227 Lean Supply Chain and Logistics Management 3

Total credits: 


Chip Thermer
Program Administrator, Manufacturing and Logistics

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