Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Curriculum

FNP Courses

Goodwin’s 47-credit Family Nurse Practitioner program provides the path you need to tackle your professional to-do lists. With the ability to complete the FNP track in as few as 27 months year-round, you will be able to turn the career you’ve dreamed of into a real-life reality. Already have your BSN? Join the Goodwin family and apply to our Family Nurse Practitioner program today!

An Advanced Nursing Curriculum To Advance Your Compassionate Career

In this program, introduce yourself to leadership theory, current nursing concepts, and professional practices. You will study pathophysiology, pharmacology, as well as the policy and politics of health care. Learn about nursing research, physical assessment, advanced reasoning, and differential diagnosis. During Immersion Weekend I and II, you’ll explore primary health care practices for adults (complex cases included), children, and women. You will also apply all you’ve learned in the classroom to a cumulative 600 hours of real-world clinical experiences to prepare you for the workforce. Conclude the FNP program by designing your own captivating Capstone project on clinical applications in population health.

FNP Program Curriculum

Year 1 - Fall

NUR 500 Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice and Leadership 3
NUR 605 Current Concepts and Professional Roles in Advance Nursing Practice 3

Year 1 - Spring

NUR 505 Pathophysiology for Advanced Nursing Practice 3
NUR 510 Pharmacology for Advanced Nursing Practice 3

Year 1 - Summer

NUR 610 Seminar in Nursing Research 3
NUR 620 Policy, Politics, and Organization of Healthcare 3

Year 2 - Fall

NUR 540 Physical Assessment for Advanced Nursing Practice 3
NUR 650 Advanced Reasoning and Differential Diagnosis 3

Year 2 - Spring

NUR 660 FNP I: Advance Practice through the Lifespan: Primary Care of the Adult Client 7

Year 2 - Summer

NUR 670 FNP II: Advance Practice through the Lifespan: Primary Care of the Pediatric and Women’s Health Client 7

Year 3 - Fall

NUR 680 FNP III: Advance Practice Through the Lifespan: Primary Care of the Complex Client 7
NUR 698 Advance Practice Capstone: Clinical Applications on Population Health 2

Total credits: 


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