Bachelor of Science in Public Health, a community health degree

Become an advocate for community health

As the world becomes increasingly connected, the risk of public health emergencies is on the rise. Modern advancements in travel and technology allow people to connect all over the world, bringing with them infectious disease outbreaks and chronic disease epidemics.

At Goodwin, we recognize the need for skilled community health professionals in this age of increased globalization. A community health degree trains students to become advocates for public health — protecting and preserving the wellbeing of our communities. At Goodwin, your Public Health coursework will prepare you to act in times of crisis and promote good health by administering health interventions, collecting and analyzing data, and providing counseling and support.

A quality community health degree should provide you with the skills and training you need for long-term success in the field. Graduates of community health degree programs, like Goodwin’s bachelor’s degree in Public Health, will be prepared to work in a variety of settings including hospitals, research facilities, and healthcare organizations.

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