General Education

Mission Statement

The mission of the General Education Department is to support all certificate and collegiate degree programs by providing comprehensive course offerings to meet the graduation requirements of the college. Specifically,General Education courses include the following content areas: humanities, English, mathematics, communications, computer literacy, and academic skill development content. Further, two degree programs are housed within the General Education Department: The Bachelor of Professional Studies and the Associate in General Studies.

Contact Information

Administrative Staff
Sharon Koch Department Chair 860.913.2144
Beverly Carter Senior Administrative Assistant 860.913.2182
Christine Thurston Administrative Assistant 860.913.2132
Directors / Program Directors
Amy Beauchemin GAP Coordinator 860.913.2127
Annjanette Bennar Director, Intellectual Discovery Awareness & Computer Literacy 860.913.2310
Katherine Kalagher Director, English 860.727.6923
Jason Shea Director, Math 860.913.2086
Allan Ballinger Director, Humanities/Communication 860.913.2055
Katherine Kalagher Program Director, Professional/General Studies 860.727.6923