Associate in Occupational Therapy Assistant

OTA program outcomes

The goal of the Occupational Therapy Assisting program is to provide meaningful and appropriate educational experiences that enable students to develop knowledge and achieve competency in entry-level skills. The program leads to certification as an occupational therapy assistant (COTA). Upon successful completion of all Occupational Therapy Assistant degree program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Sit for the National Certification Exam.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to apply, analyze, and evaluate clinical information relevant to their role as an occupational therapy assistant.
  3. Demonstrate the clinical skills and proficiency in all relevant practice areas necessary to fulfill the role as an entry-level occupational therapy assistant.
  4. Demonstrate professional behavior consistent with employer expectations for the occupational therapy assistant.
  5. Demonstrate professional skills to begin work in any one of the specialty areas of occupational therapy practice with the general and specific tools necessary to complete the job requirements.
  6. Apply the scope of occupational therapy practice.
  7. Apply the comprehensive learning outcomes identified within each syllabus.
  8. Apply the comprehensive learning outcomes identified with the general education component.

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