Organizational Leadership Program Testimonials

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Lisa Carmona, MSOL student

I am gaining hands-on experience working with different types of people. This program is helping me become a more confident leader
photo of Lauren

Lauren Chamberlain, MSOL student

Goodwin works with me and gives me the support I need.
photo of Samantha

Samantha Cohen, MSOL student

Joining this MSOL program at Goodwin College has been a life changing decision. The encouragement and dedication I have received from my professors and classmates is the driving force behind my success in this program. Goodwin College’s MSOL program has far exceeded all of my expectations. The resources and knowledge they have provided me have made me into a strong, confident working professional.
photo of Daria

Daria Howard, MSOL student

Goodwin College has changed my life and inspired me to become a better individual. By enrolling in the MSOL program, I have gained the knowledge and confidence needed to compete in today’s competitive workforce.
photo of Connor

Connor Martin, MSOL student

A leadership degree will not only further develop my skills as a manager but more important develop the skills I need to be an effectively leader. For me that is the difference between knowing how to delegate and oversee work, to instead inspiring and motivating people to do the work. In addition to the needed leadership skills that can make any manager that much more effective are the writing and communication skills that one acquires with this degree. The emphasis this degree puts on writing and communication has allowed me to improve the way I express my ideas and thoughts.
photo of Veronica

Veronica Rosario, MSOL student

My professors took the time to get to know me. They genuinely care and are always there to help me when I need it.
photo of Andre

Andre Santiago, MSOL student

I would recommend this degree to any professional looking to grow and develop as a leader.
photo of Creola

Creola Williams, MSOL student

The MSOL program was more appealing to me than an MBA because what I learn can be applied to many more fields of study. This program is providing me with skills that will help me not only succeed but help others under my direction to grow and succeed.

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