Human Services Program Testimonials

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Connecticut human services program testimonials

Lauren Attenello, graduate

Goodwin University’s Human Services program boosted my passion for the field and enriched my skills by providing me many opportunities to grow. While enrolled, I worked two part-time jobs and took accelerated classes and standard classes — allowing me to finish my BS degree in three years rather than the typical four. Being in the Human Services field is beyond rewarding. My current career allows me to care for the senior community. I enjoy my job as the Memory Care Manager because I can give back. I love seeing my residents engaged in my activity programs because it helps enhance their quality of life. The Human Services field allows us to make a meaningful impact on others and help make a difference in the world.
Connecticut human services program testimonials

Destiny Davis, graduate

One professor made it her personal mission to get me to dig deeper. I remember thinking ‘this is the type of professional I want to be’ — one who cares so deeply that she’s willing to go the extra mile.
Headshot of Emely Dones

Emely Dones, graduate

The Human Services program taught me that humanity, more than materials deserve to be renewed, revived, and restored. And that I can now help make this happen, by sharing my story, skills, gifts, and talents with the world.
Headshot of Gladys Mercado

Gladys Mercado, graduate

The Human Services program at Goodwin prepared me with the tools that I need to be successful in my career. I walked away with a stronger understanding, respect and cultural and ethical competencies needed to be successful in the field.
Headshot of Rebecca Rioux

Rebecca Rioux, graduate

Without the flexibility that Goodwin offers I would have never been able to earn my degree. The professors were so supportive and it made such a difference!
Headshot of Steven Rivas

Steven Rivas, graduate

The Human Services program was very rewarding and an eye-opening experience for me. I learned about the origins of the field and its impact in society. In my work, I get to challenge others to push themselves academically and reach new milestones just as I did.
Headshot of Jazmine Lee Rodriguez

Jazmine Lee Rodriguez, graduate

I’ve always been naturally giving and selfless. I wanted to give back to my community and help people better themselves.
Headshot of Camille Roach

Camille Roach, graduate

Goodwin helped me balance school and other responsibilities by being very flexible and supportive.
Headshot of Travis Samuels

Travis Samuels, graduate

Goodwin provided me with all the tools to become a leader and advocate for the people I serve.

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