Bachelor's Degree in Human Services

human services bachelor's degree

Camille Roach, BS Human Services graduate

Human services: A career with meaning

Do people reach out to you for help? Do your friends come to you do discuss their problems? That's probably because you are a caring and compassionate person who is willing to listen and help, the type of person who will thrive in the human services field. Your compassion, commitment, and caring are needed in today's rapidly growing human services field.

Build a career changing lives

As a human services professional, you will use training in counseling, case management, interviewing, intake, assessment, psychology, sociology, human development, and other related areas to assist the people you serve to overcome life's challenges. You will also receive specialized training in areas specific to your career goals such as drug and alcohol abuse, crisis prevention and intervention, youth development, disability studies, and gerontology (serving people who are elderly), among many others. People face a host of challenges and barriers in their lives, and they need the help of skilled human services professionals like you.

As you pursue your bachelor's degree in Human Services, you'll acquire the skills that employers demand — core human services competencies plus public speaking, grant writing, and ethics. With strong connections to more than 500 human services organizations throughout the state, we can help you to find internship, and employment opportunities.

Choose your career path

With a bachelor's degree in Human Services from Goodwin University, you can choose to begin your career in any of these areas:

  • Children and youth
  • Community organization and advocacy
  • Counseling & behavioral health
  • Criminal justice
  • Crisis prevention and intervention
  • Disability studies
  • Gerontology
  • Substance abuse

View career opportunities available in the human services field.

photo of Emely
Goodwin's Human Services program taught me that humanity, more than materials, deserve to be renewed, revived, and restored. And that I can now help make this happen, by sharing my story, skills, gifts, and talents with the world.
Emely Dones, graduate

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