Health Science Program Testimonials

Nicole Lucente

The health science program at Goodwin has prepared me in ways I couldn't even imagine. The program taught me how to become a leader, help and care for others, and allowed me to fulfill my dream to make a difference in the health care industry.

Shirley Brunot, RN

At Goodwin, I had the pleasure of working with some of the best people ever. My counselor was amazing, and the staff motivated me to be great. I would say, the key to my success was surrounding myself with positive professionals and keeping my eyes on the prize.

Evis Trim

Goodwin made it possible for me with online classes that fit into my busy schedule.

Sasha Mayloiz

Goodwin University provides many opportunities for students to find their career paths. Throughout my journey here, I made connections with professors and professionals within the Health Science program. They work with each student individually and offer great class options for those pursuing health care. I even landed a position within ECHN just weeks after graduating with my associates. Thank you Goodwin.

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