General Studies

Community Service

In the interest of serving the College’s mission and for producing civic-minded graduates, Goodwin College requires all General Studies students to complete 20 hours of community service before graduation.

You will be required to:

  • Complete 20 clock hours at assigned site
  • Keep a journal/diary/log book of your activities and hours of service
  • Submit a five-page paper describing the service experience, how it has been of help to the community, and how the experience has benefitted you

Criteria for the paper

Each paper must be printed (or e-mailed) and have a cover sheet with the following:

  • Student name
  • Program of the student
  • Dates the student did the community service
  • Correct, complete name of the site
  • The name, phone number and email contact information for the person(s) who supervised the community service

The additional 5 pages are to be structured as follows, with one full page devoted to each of these elements:

  • Description of the site and a statement as to why the site was chosen
  • Description of the service the student performed and the schedule student followed
  • Anecdotal reports of experiences had or situations encountered
  • Description of the benefit the service had for others
  • Description of the benefits the service had for the student

For more information, contact:

Nicole Brewer, Program Director