Sustainability-Themed Education

Sustainability-themed education is an educational philosophy and framework that focuses on the environmental, social, and economic aspects of sustainability. Sustainability-themed magnet schools teach students the importance of preserving natural resources, reducing waste, and promoting social and economic justice for present and future generations. Sustainability-themed schools teach the core concepts that all students must learn through a sustainability-focused lens.

How do students benefit from sustainability-themed education?

Sustainability-themed education helps students understand the pillars of sustainability and how they can take action in their own lives to contribute to a more sustainable world. Sustainability education promotes learning about renewable energy sources, reducing our carbon footprint, and getting involved in the community to advocate for issues students are passionate about.

How is sustainability incorporated into the classroom?

Sustainability themes are incorporated into the classroom through project-based learning. Students in sustainability-themed magnet schools learn to create solutions to real-world problems related to sustainability, such as developing a plan to reduce water usage or designing green spaces in their school. Project-based learning incorporates traditional classroom subjects with sustainability-themed projects that students can use to practice skills while creating actionable solutions to current issues. Project-based learning also helps students to develop communication, collaboration, and organizational skills — setting them up for future success.

Are there any sustainability-themed magnet schools in Connecticut?

Yes! Connecticut River Academy is part of the Goodwin University Magnet School System. Connecticut River Academy is a sustainability-themed early college magnet high school that gives students a jump start on their careers. Connecticut River Academy is an inclusive learning environment where your child will feel part of the Goodwin community. Connecticut River Academy students can even take classes at Goodwin University for up to 30 credits that are transferable after graduation!

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