What is the Field of Mortuary Science?

Mortuary science is the study of deceased bodies through funeral homes or mortuaries, places where deceased bodies are stored prior to burials or cremations. The term mortuary science is typically used to describe college-level programs that prepare students for careers as morticians or funeral directors.

There’s More to It…

In addition to studying the biology of deceased bodies and the restoration arts, mortuary science students also learn other aspects of the profession like administering grief counselling for bereaved family members and the business principles behind operating funeral homes.

Students studying mortuary science are evaluated on various stages of competency on national and state levels. First, in order to become an apprentice, a requirement for graduation, students must take their American Board of Funeral Service Education’s (ABFSE) National Board Exams. After successfully completing the arts and sciences portion, completers then secure a one-year paid apprenticeship. Graduates of accredited mortuary science/funeral service programs must then pass their state-specific board exam to be officially licensed in the field.

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