Mortuary Cosmetology

What is mortuary cosmetology?

Mortuary cosmetology is a process of recreating an individual’s appearance that reflects who they were in life.

What is a mortuary cosmetologist?

A mortuary cosmetologist is a professional who uses cosmetic and specialized materials to give the deceased individual’s face, hair, body, and nails a natural look. These skills are appreciated during funeral services by the family and friends of the deceased, because the individual is given a peaceful lifelike appearance.

Where can a mortuary cosmetologist work?

A licensed mortuary cosmetologist can work as a contractor and/or freelancer with a funeral homes or mortuaries.

If you wish to pursue the public service work of funeral services, Goodwin University offers an associate degree. Our program provides you with the ethical and psychological background needed to assist loved ones with this step in life.

Interested in learning more about mortuary science? Check out our associate degree in Funeral Service.

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