Mortician School

What is mortician school?

Mortician school prepares you for a rewarding career ensuring that deceased individuals are laid to rest with dignity and respect. The curriculums for these programs typically place a large emphasis on Funeral Service, preparing you with the skills you need to support grieving families from an initial death call to the final disposition of human remains. Funeral Service programs offer courses in everything from biology to embalming — you’ll use a science-based approach and become a well-rounded mortuary professional.

How do I know if mortician school is right for me?

To be successful in the field of mortuary science, you must be an empathetic individual with great listening skills. You’ll be supporting families during their most vulnerable moments, so your ability to communicate effectively while explaining these proceedings will truly make a difference during this often difficult experience.

It's important that you have a passion for the sciences, as most of your coursework will involve important concepts related to biology and anatomy. It will be your job to work directly with deceased bodies and pay your respects to them through your work — so you must be okay with the normalization of death.

A successful career in Funeral Service is also extremely reliant on your ability to run a business. You’ll be responsible for event-planning, carrying out administrative tasks, record-keeping, and more, so it is important that you can balance the managerial aspects of the profession.

How long does it take to become a mortician?

Most mortuary science schools offer associate degree programs, since that is the standard expectation in the Funeral Service field. Typically, you can earn your degree in just two years.

What can you do after mortician school?

Mortician school prepares you for a rewarding career honoring life and serving your community. Graduates of mortuary science programs go on to have fulfilling careers in Funeral Service, embalming, mortuary transportation, and more. Once you gain experience in the field, you may go on to pursue administrative positions such as funeral directors.

Goodwin University offers a 65‑credit associate degree program that can be completed in two years full-time, but there are also part-time options available for those with busier schedules.

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