MOVE Program

Why We Love MOVE

“The MOVE program saved my life. At my lowest point, my peers and the staff guided me in the right direction and helped me get things done. I am so appreciative of the staff members who have supported me through my life changes and struggles.”

Dovon Hendricks, Cohort 1

“Being a part of the MOVE program has helped me find a network and new opportunities. There are mentors, peers, brothers and staff that make sure you are doing well personally and academically and that is a blessing.”

Bryce Russell, Cohort 3

“The MOVE program helped to ease my nerves about The University experience. Coming into the program with peers and upperclassmen as support made me feel like part of a community.”

Austin Granchelli, Cohort 5

“I have found a new family of brothers and sisters through the MOVE program. We all look out for each other and are always sharing new opportunities with one another.”

Nathaneal Wright, Cohort 7

“MOVE has opened my eyes and taken me through a journey of giving and receiving. The program has given me a clear sense of what brotherhood, unity and support is all about. I feel motivated to do better in school and get good grades because of the program benefits. I also feel mentally prepared for the real world because of MOVE.”

Stevenson Francois, Cohort 6

“What I love most about MOVE is that it has served as a motivator for me to excel in my academics and go the extra mile to prepare for a career. I have made many connections and feel like I am part of a family every time I come to school.”

Miguel Navarro, Cohort 7