Community service

Community Service allows students to develop their resumes and enhance their experience while giving back to the community. The program supports look to provide students with enough opportunities to be able to fulfill the requirement but also encourage students to identify plausible opportunities for themselves and their peers.

All students are required to complete and submit the Community Service Completion Form to an EOP staff member immediately after all hours have been fulfilled.

This is a list of just some community service projects MOVE students have participated in as a group.

MOVE students helped to clean, renovate, rake and plant new fruits and vegetables at Keney Park in Hartford. The service provided allowed others to fully take in and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

MOVE students joined children of the Boys and Girls Club to assist with a pumpkin painting activity at the organization’s Harvest Festival. MOVE students brightened the children’s day through bonding, connecting and laughing. Students in the MOVE program participate in community service at the Boys and Girls Club several times a year.

As a kickoff to National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, MOVE students joined over 120 college students and spent a very chilly night sleeping in cardboard boxes on the University of Hartford Student Union Lawn. Students got a very tangible taste of just one of the discomforts that so many people are forced to face. The event, presented by the Journey Home, raises awareness for the issue of homelessness.

Other community service opportunities are available throughout the year at Goodwin University and at other local organizations.