Benefits and services

MOVE is committed to empowering students with a sense of belonging and ownership at Goodwin University. This includes helping students engage in enrichment opportunities, develop a sense of shared learning and community and pursue opportunities for personal growth.

MOVE students have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of benefits and services.

MOVE students are allowed three years to complete a 2-year associate degree program.
MOVE offers students financial assistance toward expenses through grants and covering the cost of books.
MOVE students receive individualized academic advising from staff that works exclusively with students in Educational Opportunity Programs.
All MOVE students have cohort pods, big brother pods and committee pods that instill a MOVE brotherhood culture to support students throughout their experience.
MOVE students have the opportunity to receive a mentor from the MOVE program that will assist mentees with learning, motivating, growing and becoming successful in a college setting. After a MOVE student has completed one year in the program, he is eligible to become a mentor for new MOVE students and get involved at various mentor sites after completing training. Seasoned MOVE students also have the opportunity to be selected to mentor incoming Summer Bridge students as well as students from other schools that are in partnership with the program.
MOVE students are presented with leadership opportunities such as an extensive self-governing board structure that encourages independence, personal growth and career development.
A variety of educational and social trips that serve to enrich the student experience are planned for MOVE students throughout the year. MOVE students who consistently exhibit, fulfill and excel the program requirements are rewarded with exclusive incentives. Some past incentives have included trips to and tours of Washington D.C. and New York City.
Goodwin University maintains its own intramural basketball team, soccer and flag football that many MOVE students are a part of. New MOVE students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities.