Workshops and activities

A range of workshops and activities are offered to help students build skills to respond to the demands of their personal, educational and professional life. Workshops and activities are designed to help WISE students stay ahead of the curve in their development and are held every Tuesday.

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center (ASC) offers and presents workshops to WISE students on topics such as time management, financial literacy, scholarships and many more. Tutors from the ASC will also work exclusively with WISE students during scheduled meetings.

Career planning

The Office of Career Services presents workshops that help WISE students focus on gaining new knowledge and developing the skills needed to stand out in a competitive work environment.

Enrichment activities

Enrichment activities are held for WISE students throughout the year. Activities are geared toward team building, professionalism and other areas that staff believes can enhance students’ experience in the program.

Guest speakers

A variety of guest speakers are featured throughout the year. Guest speakers consist of MOVE alumni, local professionals and other individuals with impactful stories that inspire WISE students to succeed. Some guest speakers have included Judge Erika Tindell, State of Connecticut Superior Court Judge; Jerry Gooden, Senior Vice President at Aetna; Joseph Black, Vice President of Procurement and Real Estate Services and Chief Procurement Officer at Aetna; and Tony Harrington, Re-Employment Coach at KRA Corporation.