MOVE Program

Why we love WISE

“I love WISE because it offers a great support system and a lot of positive vibes. I have met so many new people, and I am grateful for that. Being a part of WISE has also given me the push I needed to complete college successfully, something that is not that easy.”

Tianna Ferguson, Cohort 1

“Being a part of the WISE program has given me many opportunities. Through the program, I was given a work study job as a receptionist at The University’s Math Lab, and I am now able to support my peers. I have also been able to build my leadership and team work skills through the workshops presented by the program and by being a "big sister" to new WISE students. WISE has helped me to expand my horizons and define my long-term educational goals. I once only aspired to get a bachelor’s degree, but now, I know that I definitely want to pursue a master’s degree. Thank you, WISE!”

Monica Correa, Cohort 1

“The WISE staff has helped my peers and I tremendously. They are understanding, motivating, offer a lot of support and give you the extra push to not only pass classes, but to make wise life decisions as well.”

Ashley Charles, Cohort 2

“I have gained so much from being a part of WISE. Being a part of the program has taught me that you aren’t limited to learning inside of the classroom, but that you also learn through experiences and getting involved outside of the classroom. I don’t just go to classes and go home. I volunteer at college events, interact with peers and staff before and after classes, and I have fun! I am more engaged than I thought I would have been in college.”

Yaritza Velez, Cohort 3

“WISE has become a family to me. The meetings, activities and community service we participate in together bring us closer. Because of WISE, I not only have friends, but many sisters, too.”

Sydney Parker, Cohort 3