Associate Degree in Quality Management Systems

Quality Management program outcomes

Upon successful completion of all Quality Management program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Earn nationally-recognized, portable credentials from the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC).
  2. Contribute to manufacturing system technology and quality management with an understanding of Lean Six Sigma tools.
  3. Apply lean tools to manage inventory, production process, and quality to meet financial and supplier requirements.
  4. Establish quality assurance processes and train staff to meet quality audits.
  5. Develop and characterize careers and trends in manufacturing using cost of quality, impact of quality, and safety on the production process.
  6. Develop grades and standards of quality, acceptance sampling, and inspection procedures and prepare and institute quality assurance mechanisms.
  7. Apply financial metrics to the manufacturing decision-making process.
  8. Apply stakeholder relevant competencies in support of customer desires and needs.
  9. Analyze and manage key elements of a high performance manufacturing organization related to logistics, quality, and manufacturing.
  10. Integrate regulatory and government regulations into the quality management systems environment.
  11. Demonstrate competency in the research, product development, and test process, including the handoff between processes as it applies to manufacturing.
  12. Access and evaluate strategies for production and quality systems for an organization.

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