Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Certificate Classes

LPN courses in CT

LPN curriculum

Our LPN program is designed to help you develop the caregiving skills necessary to succeed in the ever-growing field of nursing. You will benefit from the classroom instruction of expert faculty, as well as hands-on clinical opportunities throughout the state!

Semester 1

PN 100 Fundamentals I 5
PN 101 Growth & Development I 4
Clinical Nursing I 3

Semester 2

PN 102 Fundamentals II 4
PN 103 Medical Surgical I 5
PN 104 Growth & Development II 3
Clinical Nursing II 3

Semester 3

PN 105 Pharmacology 3
PN 106 Medical Surgical II 6
PN 107 Mental Health 3
Clinical Nursing III 3

Semester 4

PN 108 Medical Surgical III 7
PN 109 Maternal & Pediatrics 6
PN 110 Professional Development 6
Clinical Nursing IV 3

Total credits: 


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