Important Registrar Information

Self-Service is our student database where all student records are electronically stored. All Goodwin University students log into Self-Service through myNavigator:

  1. Entering their nine digit student ID in the user name field
  2. Creating and entering a unique six character password

Once you enter this information, you should be able to access your personal records screen in Self-Service.

Students can use Self-Service to:

  • Register for courses online and print schedule
  • Make changes to their schedules online (add, drop)
  • Make changes to their biographic information (phone number, address, etc)
  • View bills and financial records (future)
  • Audit their progress towards program completion (future)
  • View grades and unofficial transcript
  • Contact advisor via email
  • Receive reminders from college staff and faculty
  • Create reminders for themselves
  • View their booklists
  • View college’s events/calendars
  • Check to see if there is any kind of “hold” on their ability to register for classes

Goodwin University uses the student information system Self-Service. With our student information system, you have the ability to manage your student account, register for classes, and update your personal information.

Follow the steps below to access the Student Portal:

  1. Log in to Self-Service through myNavigator or click the button on the Current Students page.
  2. Enter your student identification number (ID). This ID was provided to you when you completed your course registration with your Academic Advisor. It also appears on your student schedule.
  3. Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN). It is the six digit PIN that you created when you registered for classes with your Academic Advisor. If you haven’t created a PIN with your Academic Advisor, please contact the Information Technology department at 860‑727‑6743 for assistance.
  4. Navigate through the student portal to become familiar with its functionality. In this portal you will be able to print your course schedule, view an unofficial academic transcript and update your personal information.

Please Note:

Any changes to your student information may take a few days to appear. When registering for classes please be aware of the information below:

  • Make sure you are registering for the correct school year and semester (The courses are listed alphabetically under the letter with which the course code begins.)
  • Locate the course sections you want and click on them. (As most students know, the University offers seven and a half week courses in the both the first and second modules of a semester as well as the 15 week traditional courses; S1 = January - March, S2 = March - April, No session = 15 week course, H= Hybrid, and O = online).
  • Make sure that if you are registering for a science course, always match up labs and lectures that have been specifically paired together.
  • When finished with your selections, review your courses. They should appear in red on the top of the page.
  • Once you are satisfied with the courses, go to step two to confirm your registration.

To access your Goodwin University email account, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Goodwin University website
  2. Click on “Current Students” in the navigation bar
  3. Click the button labeled “myNavigator”
  4. Log in with your myNavigator ID and PIN
  5. Click on email.

Canvas is a website that provides additional educational resources that can be used as a supplement to an on-ground course or for an on-line course. In Canvas you can access assignments, participate in discussion questions, submit assignments and even take tests/quizzes.

  1. Visit myNavigator
  2. Enter your Username: This will be your student ID
  3. Enter Password: This will be your Goodwin password
  4. Click the "Login" button.

Once you have logged on to Canvas:

  • You will see the courses you are enrolled in on the right hand side. (Contact Distance Education support if the term has already begun and your course(s) are still not available.)
  • For each course, the title of recent announcements (created by the instructor) will be listed.
  • To access the details of a course, click on the course title. This will take you to the course entry page. The course entry page normally shows you the announcements created by your instructor.
  • It is imperative that you, the student, check Canvas multiple times per week for new announcements.

Canvas support

Students must establish attendance in each course that you register for. Faculty reports attendance on Census Day which occurs on the 15th calendar day of each semester/module and records attendance through the fourteenth calendar day. Students who have not attended and/or participated in their courses by the Census day, will be withdrawn from the course.

In order to establish attendance students must do at least one of the following, prior to Census Day:

  • Attend an on-ground course OR
  • Post to an online discussion about an academic matter OR
  • Submit an academic assignment either on ground or online OR
  • Take a quiz/test either on-ground or online

Please note that posting to an introduction discussion board assignment does not constitute as establishing your attendance.

Students who do not establish attendance will be administratively withdrawn from the course(s) and will be listed as a No Start (NS). These courses will not be listed on the transcripts or counted as credits attempted.

For students who do not establish attendance for all/any course(s) by Census Day a refund of 100% of applicable tuition charges less applicable fees and books, less $500 for course withdrawn will be granted.

Students receiving Title IV funds should reference the Financial Aid and Refund policy in the catalog or on the Goodwin University website for any financial consequences related to non-attendance.

Goodwin University, upon request and with appropriate documentation, may medically withdraw a student from their courses due to serious medical conditions that prohibit the student from completing his/her courses. Documentation will be required from a physician on The University’s Medical Withdrawal form. The request for withdrawal and relevant documentation must be received in the Registrar’s Office by the module or semester withdrawal date as indicated in The University catalog. In addition, Medical Withdrawals may effect a student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress, please refer to the Satisfactory Academic Progress section in the catalog. Medical Withdrawals will be reviewed by the Records Review Committee (RRC); please refer to the Appealing Financial Aid/Finance Issues section under the Refund policy. Students who do not agree with the decision of the RRC, may appeal to the Godwin Appeal Board, please refer to the section on Appeals and Grievances in the catalog.

During Week 10 each semester, returning students register for their courses for the next semester.

The Registrar’s Office coordinates Registration and provides information about Official Registration via The University Website, your Goodwin University email, Facebook, and the Communications Department each semester.

Students are strongly encouraged to use these informational resources.

Before official registration begins, students should:

  1. Meet with their program director or advisor to choose courses.
  2. Make sure that their FAFSA is current.
  3. Check for registration holds in Self-Service.
  4. Clear up holds.

Students who do not register during the official two week registration period will be charged a $100 late registration fee to register during the late registration period. Students may revise their registrations during late registration and through the add/drop period. After the add/drop period, students wishing to add a second module course may do so before the beginning of the second module. Changes made during the add/drop period may result in changes in tuition and/or fees. Students should reference the institutional refund policy for any financial penalties that may occur because of a change in registration during the add/drop period. All changes made to registration are subject to review by the Financial Aid Office and the Registrar before they are considered final.

Students may request an official transcript at any time by completing a transcript request form and submitting it to our Business Office. An official transcript costs ten dollars payable at the time the transcript is requested. Official transcripts may not be released without clearance from the Business Office.

Students entering their last semester should complete a graduation application at the time they are registering for those final courses. A final degree audit will be done by the Registrar’s Office only when students have submitted their application.

The application for Award of Credential is available on the commencement area of the Goodwin website. Students who plan to participate in our annual Commencement ceremony must electronically submit an application by the published deadlines.