Records and Registration

Adding courses

Students may add a course any time through the end of the first week of classes. Adds are done through the Academic Advising Center and may require a visit to Financial Aid if the add is going to change the student’s financial aid status.

Course withdrawals

Students may withdraw from a course Weeks 3‑13 of a 15‑week semester or weeks 3‑5 of a 7‑week term. Course withdrawals are done through the Academic Advising Center.

  • Full tuition is charged for course withdrawals.
  • The student receives a “W” for the coursework.
    • The “W” counts as credits attempted, but has no effect on the student’s grade point average.
  • Students who withdraw from all their coursework, but not from The University will remain “Active” for the remainder of the semester.

Program or major changes

Goodwin University recognizes that students often change their academic goals. Any enrolled student may make a change in their choice of major (except into selective admissions programs) by visiting the Registrar’s Office.

Make sure to visit with your Academic Advisor or the Program Director/Chair for the major you are interested in to discuss your course options.