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Contact Us Today! 800.889.3282

Registrar's Office

Records and Registration

Adding Courses

Students may add a course any time through the end of the first week of classes. Adds are done through the Academic Advising Center and may require a visit to Financial Aid if the add is going to change the student’s financial aid status.

Course Withdrawals

Students may withdraw from a course Weeks 3-13 of a 15-week semester or Weeks 3-5 of a 7 1/2 week term. Course withdrawals are done through the Academic Advising Center.

Program or Major Changes

Goodwin College recognizes that students often change their academic goals. Any enrolled student may make a change in their choice of major (except into selective admissions programs) by visiting the Registrar's Office.

Make sure to visit with your Academic Advisor or the Program Director/Chair for the major you are interested in to discuss your course options.