Minor in English

connecticut English minor

A minor in English enhances graduates’ employability and can complement plans of study for bachelor’s degrees at Goodwin University. Students who minor in English gain knowledge and skills in rhetoric, composition, and standard language conventions.

ENG XXX English Elective 3
ENG XXX English Elective 3
ENG 2XX English Elective (200-level) 3
ENG 2XX English Elective (200-level) 3
ENG 3XX English Elective (300-level) 3

Total credits: 


Students must complete at least 9 credits of the English minor with courses offered at Goodwin University. Of the 15 credits, a minimum of 6 credits must be at a 200-level or higher, and a minimum of 3 credits must be at a 300-level or higher.

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