Bachelor of Science in Public Health Degree

With today’s lightning-fast advancements in travel and technology, the most remote corners of the globe can seem as close as next door. And along with these exciting opportunities for increased contact comes the serious responsibility of safeguarding our public health.

The 2020 pandemic took the world by storm. Though we’ve dealt with public health emergencies like SARS and the Zika virus, COVID proved to be a health crisis we didn’t expect. During each difficult time, communities worldwide looked to their public health leaders for a plan. Committed, trained professionals — someone like you — are needed to step up, respond, and protect our communities from these threats to our collective safety.

Goodwin’s career-focused Public Health curriculum, taught by industry content experts, will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to stand out in this critically important field.

Unlike many other public health programs in the state, Goodwin offers comprehensive training that will prepare you for various career paths upon graduation. You can take classes during the day or evening, and coursework is available in a hybrid online/on-campus format that provides you with the flexibility you need to complete your degree without putting your life on hold.

More than ever, we need trained professionals who can respond to public health emergencies, global pandemics, infectious disease outbreaks, and chronic disease epidemics like diabetes and obesity. You will deliver health interventions, collect and analyze data, provide counseling and support, and help connect individuals to organizations that improve health. As a graduate of our bachelor’s degree program in Public Health, you will be prepared to work in hospitals, research facilities, and healthcare organizations.

Are you ready to help create a better, safer, and healthier world?

Public Health Graduates Can Find Careers As:

  • Community health worker
  • Disaster preparedness coordinator
  • Environmental health specialist
  • Health educator
  • Health promotion specialist
  • Public health program coordinator
  • Research assistant
photo of Brianna
The knowledge I’ve gained from the public health program is irreplaceable. Goodwin has helped me get to where I am today.
Brianna Pintavalle, graduate

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