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Internship FAQ

How many hours are required to complete the Internship?

The Internship course requires a minimum of 150 hours for the 3-credit course.

Do I get paid while conducting the Internship?

You may conduct your Internship at either paying or non-paying sites, though most sites do not pay interns.

When should I start looking for an Internship site location?

Since many of the Internship locations are government related and require background checks, it is recommended to start the process several months prior to the start of the semester you wish to register for the Internship.

How do I start the process?

You should prepare a resume and email it to Career Services. Career Services will assign one of their staff to meet with you and review the resume. You should also meet with your advisor, Kimberly Myers, to discuss your Internship.

Do I get assigned an Internship location or can I choose my own?

We do not assign Internship locations, but we do encourage you to seek out an Internship site, much like you would for a job search. In the event that you have difficulty finding a location, we will assist you in identifying a location. We also keep a list of locations that have been used by prior students and can be used to help focus your search.

What kind of assignments do I need to complete during the Internship?

You will be supplied with an Internship Guide that will fully explain the assignments. You will need to complete Weekly Timesheets and Journals to document your hours and activities. You will also complete three self-evaluations during the Internship.

What kind of paperwork does the host site need to complete?

A site supervisor will need to sign the Weekly Timesheets and Journals and complete three Supervisory Reviews during the Internship.

What prior locations have students used during their Internship?

Prior students have used a variety of locations. Some of the locations are listed here.

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