Resident Assistants at Goodwin

What Is a Resident Assistant at Goodwin?

A Resident Assistant (RA) at Goodwin works in collaboration with Residential Life staff. RA's help students meet new people, get involved, identify resources on campus, focus on their studies, and have fun through creative programming. RAs help maintain an environment that contributes to students’ academic goals, health, safety, and social engagement.

Want To Join the Goodwin Team?

Do you want to be a leader on campus? Do you want to plan and creatively design programs that will engage students? The Goodwin Resident Assistant position is the perfect fit for students wanting to make an impact on campus.

If you are looking to become a Resident Assistant, there is a limited number of positions available, be sure to email Residential Life staff for more information and to see if there is an opening!

Becoming a Resident Assistant is a great way to develop leadership skills, find creative ways to engage students, and make new connections within Goodwin University’s community.

Resident Assistant Position Requirements

  • Students must have lived on campus for a minimum of one semester
  • Students must have a 2.5 GPA or better
  • Students must have in good standing with the University

Want Additional Information on the RA Position or Hiring Process?

Reach out to a Goodwin RA on campus, they have all been through the process and know what it takes to perform the job successfully. RAs can also recommend candidates to the Residence Life staff during the next interview process.

For any additional questions you may have please feel free to email: