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Contact Us Today! 800.889.3282

Meet The Team

Dan Noonan

Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing & Communications

What makes Goodwin so special, in my opinion, is the caring, compassionate approach of every College employee. We don't look at our role as a job but more as a mission.

Philip Moore

Director of Marketing and Communications

I thrive on creativity and am thrilled to be working with the creative team at Goodwin. My interests include live theatre, all kinds of music, and travel. I work out… grudgingly. I put a very high value on friendship.

Charissa Bass

Digital Design and Content Coordinator

I joined the team in 2011 and have successfully completed a number of web and print projects for Goodwin. I love dogs, have a healthy obsession with the color orange, and enjoy being crafty and taking on home improvement projects.

Erica Daigle

Senior Marketing Coordinator

I joined this crazy cast of characters in 2012 and it’s been a fun ride ever since. I am extremely passionate about marketing and love what I do for the College. It’s great coming to work every day knowing I have such awesome coworkers. When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend and two adorable pups, being outside, working out, decorating, and seeing my friends and family.

Samantha Danaher

Senior Graphic Designer

I joined the Communications team in the summer of 2011 and can't complain. I really enjoy working at Goodwin College and couldn't have asked for a better team. When I'm not at work, I like to drive my car, ride my snowmobile in the winter, and spend time on the lake or by a campfire in Maine during the summer. I enjoy hiking, biking, running, hooping, and generally anything outside. I'm a pretty upbeat girl and tend to be smiling the better part of, if not all day. Love the life you live. Live the life you love.

Robert Muirhead

Media Relations Coordinator

I joined the Goodwin team in May 2014 after many years in journalism, and I’m thrilled to be here! I have a serious passion for communication and a personal need for creative fulfillment. When I’m not working, I enjoy heroic movies, terrifying fiction, and debating the fundamentals of good storytelling. I also love to travel, and hope to someday visit the west coast to complete my tour of all 50 states.

Kevin Peloquin

Graphic Designer

I joined the Goodwin College Marketing and Communications team on November 10, 2014. I genuinely enjoy working at Goodwin and I am super happy that I get to work with such an awesome group of creative, inspiring people. I married my best friend, Renée, in June, 2008. We live in an old house in Granby, CT with our dog, Birdie, and our two kids, Canaan (born August, 2013), and Sage (Born December, 2016). I’m pretty good at finding humor in almost anything; it's likely a defense or coping mechanism. I generally don’t take myself too seriously. I’m a big fan of Netflix and Hulu binging, music, freedom of the press, design, environmental conservation, comedy, 80s and 90s things, free speech, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, trolling my son, pizza, separation of Church and State, Mexican food, democracy, the outdoors, the indoors, acceptance, and all animals are adorable, even bats. Maybe not eels.

Penelope Pineapple

Unofficial Departmental Mascot

I was born in Hawaii, and recently came to Connecticut. In the Spring of 2013, Sami found me in the produce department and decided to try and make me grow. Shortly after that, I was adopted by the department as an unofficial mascot. I have a great view by the window, but frankly I'm a little bit scared by the hungry looks that I get every day. I think they may in fact be planning to eat me. If anyone is reading this, please help me!

Caleb Prue

Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications

I live in Colchester with my wife, our two kids, and our cat. I love making things, and I enjoy art, music, fresh air, new ideas, and the company of creative and thoughtful people.

Hanna Vedder

Marketing Coordinator

I joined the team in February 2017 which makes me the newest (and youngest!) member of the group. After graduating from Miami University in May, I'm excited to launch my career in marketing and communications as a member of Goodwin family. I'm an avid podcast listener, enjoy collaging and crafting in my spare time, and am a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady.