Style Guide

Goodwin University Style Guide

Upholding the Brand

Consistency in branding and messaging across departments conveys professionalism and excellence to internal and external audiences. As a University, we strive to uphold branding standards that are flexible enough to allow creativity and innovation, while stringent enough to ensure that all content is a positive reflection of the University and our students while contributing to a greater understanding of our mission and core values as an institution.

The Goodwin University Logo

The Goodwin University logo should appear on materials that are distributed internally and externally. When used on top of a darkly colored background, a white version of the logo may be used; otherwise, the original color version must be used. Applying alternate colors to the logo is not permitted.

The logo may appear any size; however, the proportions must remain the same as the original image (i.e. do not stretch the logo to make the image wider or taller).

Goodwin University logos
Connecticut River Academy logos
Riverside Magnet School logos

University Colors

The official Goodwin University colors are:

Goodwin University light blue
  • Pantone: PMS 2995
  • CMYK: C81 M12 Y1 K0
  • RGB: R0 G167 B225
  • Hex: #00a7e1
Goodwin University dark blue
  • Pantone: PMS 300
  • CMYK: C100 M62 Y7 K0
  • RGB: R0 G92 B185
  • Hex: #005cb9
Goodwin University green
  • Pantone: PMS 376
  • CMYK: C56 M3 Y100 K0
  • RGB: R128 G188 B0
  • Hex: #80bc00

The Marketing and Communications Department can help vendors accurately match the University colors for various items.

The Seal

Goodwin University Seal

The Goodwin University Seal is the official mark of the Office of the President. It may only be used with permission from the Marketing and Communications Department for special occasions, such as Commencement, or on official documents from the University, such as official transcripts. The Seal should never be used in place of the Goodwin University Logo.