Email Signature Generator Machine

Consistency is an important part of branding. That includes establishing and maintaining consistent email signatures for all employees.

Use this form to create your email signature.

Let's make you an email signature!

It's fun and easy and will make your emails look super spiffy.

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Step 1.
Let's start with the basics...

We'll need all this info to build your email signature.

Here's a tip!

If you've got any credentials or other letters you want included with your name, the "name" box is the place to put them. Just include them before or after your name as appropriate. Also, feel free to class things up and drop in a middle initial.

Here's a tip!

If you're like, a manager in your department, don't include the name of the department in the "title" box. It'll look silly. You can just say "Manager". There's a spot for your department name in the next box.

Here's a tip!

If your unsure what your department is called, it's okay to ask your manager for help on this one.

Here's a tip!

Please don't plop a pair of these parentheses: ( ) around the area code in the "Phone Number" box, and please don't put in any dots either. Just some nice dashes will do just fine. Like this: 860-528-4111

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Step 2.
Here's some optional things too:

Only put things in these boxes if you want them to appear in your signature. Totally up to you.

Here's a tip!

I know, I know... A fax number? Really? What is this, 1985? Well, you'd be surprised how many faxes come and go around here. For those that need it, put your digits here. For those that don't... Don't judge.

Here's a tip!

Only include this if you want your cell number included in your signature, bigshot.

Here's a tip!

If you want to specify your prefered pronoun, or you want to be an ally and make it a more standard practice so that anyone who might want to feels that much more comfortable doing so, then that "Prefered Pronoun" box is where it's at. Typically, a format like "He/Him/His", "They/Them/Theirs" or "She/Her/Hers" are appropriate, with the first letter of each pronoun set in uppercase and each seperated by a slash.

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Step 3.
Let's cook up an email signature!

I think we have everything we need. Go ahead and push that big "Make My Email Signature!" button and see how it looks.

Make My Email Signature!

Alright, so now you just need to select everything in that box up there (even the logo), and paste it into the "Email Signature" area in your Outlook settings. Click here for some instructions from Microsoft on how to do that.

Please do not change the color, font, or sizing of any part of the email signature.

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